I have a long history of speaking at industry events since my first DIA presentation in 1992.  Other venues have included SCDM, Society for Clinical Trials, Oracle Health Sciences User Group, PharmaSUG, PhUSE, and participation in Institute of Medicine, FDA and NIH-sponsored meetings.

Upcoming Events:


April 26-27, Partners in Interoperability Workshop, Washington DC.

May 6-13, HL7 Working Group Meeting, Montreal, Canada.

June 27-29, 2016 DIA Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA  (Session Chair and Speaker)

Recent Events:

Feb. 28-March 4, 2016, HIMSS, Las Vegas, NV

March 13-15, 2016, PhUSE CSS Meeting, Silver Spring, MD

Jan. 10-13, 2016 HL7 Working Group Meeting, Orlando, FL.

Dec. 10, 2015 Guest Lecturer, Re-examining and Re-imagining Clinical Research, University of Notre Dame Graduate School of Biological Sciences

Webinar: New Tufts CSDD Research: Industry Adoption of eClinical Solutions and CDISC Standards

Oct. 8, 11:00 am EDT.

CDISC IntraChange, Aug. 18-20, Silver Spring, MD

PharmaSUG China 2015 Sept. 4-6, Shanghai (Keynote)


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